A blog with a beauty salon

The ethos of Do Not Fade Away is one of inclusion and kindness. It really matters to me that women over forty aren’t disregarded. We shouldn’t feel like we are fading away physically and emotionally in the eyes of others – or ourselves. I want all women to feel supported and to recognise they are special, regardless of the numbers in their age. 

I know that many women begin to feel invisible and unimportant as they get older. Do Not Fade Away is ‘a blog with a beauty salon.’ Here you will find advice on how to declutter a bathroom cabinet alongside revealing chats with inspiring women over a manicure, and heartfelt pieces about the menopause and coping with daily life as you grow older. 

The Nail Index

The Nail Index is a tasteful and intimate studio providing one-to-one bespoke nail, beauty and relaxation treatments. Contact me to find out what I can do for you.