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NHS staff enjoy a 15% discount across all services at The Nail Index, with provision of suitable evidence.


Manicures and pedicures are so much more than a relaxing treat. Regular treatments encourage healthy nail growth, improve the condition of the skin and enhance the appearance of hands and feet.

Manicure, £15 

Treatment includes nail shape, cuticle care and a relaxing hand massage.

Luxury Manicure, £25 

A deluxe treatment for hands, including nail shape, cuticle care, warming and soothing paraffin wax, heated mitts and an ultra relaxing hand and arm massage.

Pedicure, £20 

Treatment includes nail shape, cuticle care, skin soften, nourish and relaxing foot massage.

Luxury Pedicure, £30 

Treat your feet with a nail shape, cuticle care, skin soften, softening foot mask, soothing paraffin wax, heated boots and an stress busting foot & leg massage.

Gel Polish (Fingers or Toes), £20

Treatment includes nail shape, cuticle care and gel polish. Dry treatment. No soaking.

Pedi Gels & Treatment, £30

Treatment includes non-soak soften, nail shape, cuticle care and nourish.

Après Gel Extensions, £30

These are preformed hard gel extensions which are attached to the natural nails using gel. They are kinder as they can be soaked off like regular Gel Polish. The preformed nails means there is very little dust during the process. The factory creation of the tips ensures their strength and durability. For most people these last around 2-3 weeks.

Gel Polish / Extensions Removal, £8

There is no charge for removal when having a new set.

Gel Polish / Extensions Removal & Nourish, £10

Treatment includes hand soak and treatment polish.

Signature Nail Art, from £5


Lashes, Brows and Facials

Lash Lift and Tint £35

Perfect for adding a subtle lift to your lashes, making them appear thicker and adding volume. Add a tint and you may never need mascara again, and your eyelash curlers will be redundant!

Eyelash Tint, from £10

Recommended for adding colour & definition to your lashes, tinting helps to make your lashes appear longer & thicker. Tinting is fabulous for those who swim regularly, making it an ideal service for holidays.

Eyebrow Tint, from £7

Recommended for defining brows to help shape & frame the face. Tinting will pick up hairs that you may not have realised are there – perfect for thinning brows. It is also an excellent service for brows losing their colour, providing a subtle way to enhance your natural colour.

Essential Facial, £20 

An excellent maintenance facial, involving a thorough cleanse, massage & mask, lasting 25 minutes.

Intensive Facial, £30  

An excellent facial for when we need something more, involving a deeper cleanse, double massage & mask, lasting 40 minutes.


Make-Up Services

Make-up shouldn’t be a challenge, nor swamp your personality. Let me help you relax with cosmetics and discover small tweaks and ideas to make you feel wonderful. I believe in enhancing rather than dramatically altering clients’ looks. (If you’re looking for an Instagram perfection look, then the Nail Index probably isn’t for you.)

Going-out Make-Up, £15 

For those events where you feel you’d like an extra boost or maybe a detailed eye. This service provides a focused make-up application to enhances your natural beauty and suit your personal style.

Make-Up Lesson, £45 

Maybe you need to take the fear out of make-up, or overhaul your current look? Whatever you want – from updating eye make-up to experimenting with contouring, this focused lesson will provide you with the skills to enhance your natural beauty. Bespoke to your needs, you will gain expert advice, practice and confidence. We can even rummage through your make-up bag and enjoy a de-clutter! I love to recommend products that are reliable, suitable and you’ll enjoy using.



Massage can help relieve tight muscles, improve circulation (great news for cold hands & feet), promote relaxation (ideal for reducing anxiety) and help promote deeper, reinvigorating, sleep.

Why not make massage part of your existing treatments? Enjoy a general massage or choose a tailored option.  To further enhance your well-being and for best results make it a regular monthly experience.  Both couch and chair massage available.

15 Min Massage, £10

30 Min Massage, £20          

60 Min Massage, £40



Having a professional make-up artist to style your wedding day is a luxury you deserve. It is a delight and privilege to help each bride look and feel wonderful. By listening carefully I ensure that I create the exact look you want, one which enhances your natural beauty and guarantees that you feel fabulous on your special day.

On the day itself I will arrive within plenty of time for setting up, be on hand to discuss any last minute issues and help create a calm and happy atmosphere to get ready in.

Make-Up Trial

It is essential that all Brides have a pre-wedding trial, so that we can discuss, plan and try out your chosen style. We can also establish that you do not have any sensitivities or allergies to the products we will use. If a patch test hasn’t been carried out, we will need to do this as preparation for the use of false lashes. This applies to all members of the Bridal Party.

It is recommended that all of the Bridal Party have a trial session – especially for large Bridal Parties (four or more). This will ensure that everyone is happy with the look to be provided on the day. The trial is also like a mini rehearsal and helps everyone in the Bridal Party understand how the preparations will take place on the day.

Most trials will be between 2 and 3 hours depending on the number of people booked in. Minors will require a consent form signed by a parent and a named guardian for supervision in lieu of the parent.

At the end of the trial we will have established the final look that you are completely happy with.


As a bride you will have had many To Do lists. The day itself is your time to shine and enjoy. In the run up to the wedding please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or worries, there is very little that can’t be easily fixed!


Contact me to reserve the date. Please note a non-refundable deposit of £75 is payable at the time of booking which will be deducted from your final balance. The Make-Up Trial is payable before or on the day of the trial session. The remaining balance is payable at least 14 days before the wedding day itself.

Personal Shopper

Let’s take the fear out of shopping for cosmetics! Make-up isn’t meant to scare us, yet many beauty counters can be intimidating and see us buying products we really won’t use. Let me guide you through the process with a critical eye and up to date knowledge. We’ll focus on products which suit you and give you value for money.

Prices vary, POA