The Fine Art of Enjoying a Long Bath

The Fine Art of Enjoying a Long Bath

The art of a long bath isn’t exclusively just for celebrities and hotel holidays. Water and its benefits are well documented, so we should never underestimate nature’s ease in providing for us.

When I interviewed jeweller Lisa Grabowksi, we talked about having to learn the art of enjoying a long bath. Here’s my guide to incorporating this easy treat into your self care routine.

It is all about soothing your senses and slowing the pace right down. Approach this as if you were preparing a bath for a much loved friend who’s in need of pampering, because you deserve to give yourself this level of care.

Identify and book out a time for your long soak, then stick to it. If you live with others, book the bathroom and be clear about no interruptions.


Put the heating and hot water on, organise your drink of choice. As you run your bath, organise your towels – one large for drying, possibly a small one for the floor and, if you don’t own a bath pillow yet, grab a small towel to roll up for your neck. Choose your nicest pyjamas and a cosy cardigan for post bath. I like to spritz mine with an earthy fragrance.

If you want any entertainment, popular choices are a book or a podcast. I like music and as I really want to exclude the world I use Bluetooth headphones. (Obviously dropping any device in the water is not conducive to relaxation!)

You want to treat and nourish your senses. Scented candles create the perfect ambience; the candlelight transforms a bath into a spa-like soak. The added scent increases the sense of a treat. Alongside my standard products I use soothing aromatherapy oils which I lightly dab onto my towels.

What goes into your bath is down to personal choice. I combine a quality oil (take extra care getting in and out) with any nice smelling bath foam. You’ll need some lovely oil or lotion to put on after your bath before snuggling into your cosy clothes.

Shut the door, take a few deep breaths to mark the start of your time out. Enjoy your soak, be in the moment and let the water soothe you.

The Art of a Long Bath - Recommended Products
Recommended Products

Here’s a list of some of my favourite bath products. I warn you some of these are pricey and thus regularly appear on my Christmas list! Every item is excellent quality and delivers.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax bath oil. Worth every penny as you need very little, meaning it will last you over 6 months.

Any supermarket bath foam smelling of vanilla will do. I also love Radox Feel Restored (in the purple bottle) and the Pomegranate hand wash from Aldi (this needs running under the hot tap and some agitation, but it smells divine.)

If I’ve had a birthday and have been mega lucky, my treat of treats is Jo Malone Dry Body Oil in Dark Amber and Ginger Lily. Alternatively, if I’m feeling flush, L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil is amazing, as is Dove Body Oil for a fraction of the price. If I’m running low on the L’Occitane, I blend them together.

Aldi’s hand and body lotions are fabulous, I like to use the Pomegranate in winter and switch to the Lime in summer. I’m also a big fan of Dove Body Lotion – I always choose the Intensive Nourishment ones as they really pack a punch.

I like lots of scented candles. If I find one whose scent isn’t that strong, I’ll use it alongside another more potent one. Besides I like the increased flickering candlelight you get when candles burn together. The best candle I can ever own is Diptyque’s Amber, nothing comes near this. I also like Neom and This Works, who both do candles aimed at promoting sleep.

TKMaxx, Homesense and eBay are great places for finding quality candles and bath products.
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