The Nail Collective: Songs for Nail Art

The Nail Collective: Songs for Nail Art
All Hail the Nail Collective!

First there was the shock of the Covid-19 lockdown, then The Nail Collective was born and soon after your song suggestions for my interpretations as nail art began to arrive.

So here we are, for April 2020’s @The Nail Bar. We may be physically apart, unable to meet for a mani or an interview, but while there’s polish in those pots and sparkle in that glitter we can still have fun.

Thanks to you all and I hope you enjoy!

Love, V.

The Love Collection

Some of you responded with songs from your hearts – connecting wedding anniversaries, first dances and even a ‘sprint down the aisle’ memory…

Thanks to Anna: All of Me (Loves All of You), the first dance at her wedding to Ben, now a favourite dance for her 3-year old, Jemima. Tanya’s Let’s Stay Together is another first dance, and can we please raise a glass to her and Alan for their first wedding anniversary on April 20th. Then we have Faye’s choice, Honky Tonk Women, a fitting anthem for her to arrive down the aisle to (she’s a massive Rolling Stones fan)!

The Lockdown Collection

These songs all relate in some way to the current ‘stay at home’ situation: from memories of childhood days out to monotony and wishful thinking; from a different world view to reassurance and ending with an anthem…

Thanks to Charl, who remembers Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road playing in the car on childhood days out, a nod to the current lack of road trips being taken with her two boys.

Lisa suggested The Same Every Day with its line ‘The same old pieces of the same old puzzle.’ I think we can all relate, though Lisa is a very talented jeweller who definitely doesn’t do the same thing every day. See her website for a fantastic scheme supporting other small businesses.

Sarah suggested The Cardigans’ Gordon’s Garden. What wishful thinking it is to have ‘Bubbly pink champagne…Rose’s lime mixed with vodka, wine and…cocktails in the evening sun.’ Think there’s a party due soon, Sarah!

Kirsty requested the theme tune to TV’s Unforgotten in memory of her good friend Dawn who is sadly no longer with us. The lyrics, ‘I’ve been upside down, I don’t want to be the right way round, I’ve found paradise on the ground’ resonate with Kirsty as Dawn always looked at the world from a different perspective. It feels right to have put a big smile on her face.

Reassurance comes in the form of Tina’s choice of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. I’ve made a rainbow of dark to light stripes, alongside a nail based on the lines ‘Sunrise doesn’t last all morning’ and ‘Sunset doesn’t last all evening’ because the days will pass and we’ll be free to roam once more.

Vic suggested the optimism of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. I like the way she follows ‘Blossom on the tree’ and ‘Stars when you shine’ with ‘You know how I feel.’ Let’s hope the blossom and sunshine are helping everyone to feel good.

Ann is a lifelong Leeds United fan and suggested I play around with Marching on Together as an appropriate community song for these times. I merely played with the title, and in a nod to her loyalty used the Leeds insignia from the 1970’s.

The Dance Collection

These are the tunes people love to blast out, sing along with or dance to – probably all three! This is the lose yourself in the tune and forget about reality collection.

Lindsey was the first to respond to the challenge with Mr Brightside by The Killers which she describes as a massive, banging tune. ‘It has been important to me at key moments in my life in so many ways,’ she says. To start with I was stumped and tempted to call the whole thing off…until I watched the video. As Lindsey announced she wants to be able to wear her nail design, I made sure one of them had a little glitter!

GG actually suggested two tunes: the first was Breathe by Alexi Murdoch. I had a go. It made Neil laugh. A lot! He wondered if it was Shaggy from Scooby Doo on a black and white TV set? I didn’t think it was THAT bad!

GG’s alternative was Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation. Again I looked to the video for ideas, and just had to do Jett’s trademark eyeliner.

Optimist Annie loves singing and before messaging had just been flexing her lungs to Madonna’s version of American Pie. She loves this version, describing it as ‘an upbeat tune right for singing along to, especially in times like these.’

Linda gave us the wonderful Miriam Makabe’s Pata Pata adding, ‘It’s fab to dance to and always makes me think of bold colour and movement.’ Inspiration for me was all about the dresses!

Angela (my ma) asked for Abba’s Mama Mia because, much like my mum, it’s full of fun and laughter. For this my mind went straight to bright colours and those little pots of sparkle. I thought, “Abba, the 1970’s…glitter”.

Finally, to Emma, who didn’t disappoint and requested Dolly Parton, like I knew she would. A bit of context; it’s of permanent amusement to Emma that I hate country music, but like Dolly Parton. I was once stuck in traffic with Emma when an infernal racket sent me instantly insane; I couldn’t turn the sound off, nor open the door to escape! Eventually my ‘good friend’ stopped laughing and changed the CD. She asked for 9-5 because it’s easier than Jolene… Remember that Team Aniston t-shirt anyone?

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  1. OMG am amazed at the creativity and interpretation – these are amazing – love my friend Dawn being upside down!!

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