The Nail Index – Stay Safe

The Nail Index – Stay Safe

While The Nail Index is closed for business during the current Coronavirus crisis, Do Not Fade Away’s ethos of kindness persists. This is a trying time for us all; compassion, thoughtfulness and humour will help us through it. As will doing everything we can to support our amazing NHS teams. 

I am very sad I shan’t see my lovely clients for a while. Right now our energy must go into behaving well; showing kindness where we find challenging behaviour and being the role models we wish to see. 

Alongside the NHS staff we thank the other unseen heroes holding things together; social care staff, delivery drivers, postal workers, emergency services  and so many more. Also our army of teachers providing emergency provision for key workers’ children. 

Self isolation will be trying for many. Loneliness is a real threat to well being; please reach out. Feel free to message me – you are only alone physically. 

I shall be using my time well, to read, write and experiment. Keep those nail art requests coming, I’ll be practising! 

Sending kindness and positivity to you all and a huge thank you for supporting The Nail Index.

Stay safe until we’re back together again; it’s  gonna be one great nail party!

Love from, V.

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